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By shaunefc, Sep 1 2012 03:56PM

What a spring and summer it has been with all sorts of weather from the extreme of very heavy downpours with even thunder at times to the other extreme of almost record breaking temperatures!

But despite these extremes, the harvest is being gathered - and while its quantity and quality might not be as good as in many years, much is being gathered in! I can remember as a child growing up in a rural community in Sussex, that one year the minister of the village Free Church suggested that we altered the words of one well-known harvest hymn and instead of "all is safely gathered in" to sing "much is safely gathered in"! It must have been a year of quite serious crop failure for such a change to be made!

And yet, whatever the state of the harvest, whether good or bad, we are reminded in the Word of God that:

"While the earth remains,

seedtime and harvest,

and cold and heat,

and winter and summer,

and day and night,

shall not cease."

[Genesis 8:22]

As we come once again to celebrate the time of Harvest Thanksgiving, whatever harvest hymns we sing at and around this wonderful season, let us sing them heartily to the Lord because:

He only is the Maker

of all things near and far,

He paints the wayside flower,

He lights the evening star;

the wind and waves obey Him,

by Him the birds are fed;

much more to us His children

He gives our daily bread.

[Matthias Claudias, trans. Jane M Campbell]

Sep 23 2012 11:14AM by Theo Oliver

Nice to see the updating of "reflections" continuing so well. "Much is safaly gathered in" reminds me of Ruth in the Bible picking up what the reapers have left behind, so 100% gathering was not always the result first time, then or now! I wonder who 21st century "gleaners" might be?

Sep 23 2012 11:19AM by Theo Oliver

Forgot to ask who author of harvest reflection "brought up in...Sussex" was, and whether we ought to attribute the piece to its author.

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