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Prayer changes things

By shaunefc, Jul 17 2013 12:58PM

June’s over – and with that the Bible Club for another year! We had more children attend both each day and overall than we have had for many years! And both the teaching and other members of staff at the school where the meetings were held were most enthusiastic! And, as a church, having welcomed Richard, Joy, Anna and Deborah Blunt to Egerton once again – and said “goodbye” to them 2 weeks later – is that the end of our Bible Club week?

In one sense, yes –but in another, no! Yes, in that children came, hopefully, they enjoyed themselves as they joined in the singing, heard the Bible and other stories, took part in very lively quizzes and, on the whole, thoughtfully took part in the prayer times. But also, no, in the sense that we need to continue to pray for each child that came – even just once, and for the parents who not only came to the prize-giving on the Friday afternoon, but also dropped-in towards the end of the daily programme in order to collect the children when the meeting finished. We often say that it would be good to see more people at our Sunday afternoon service – let us pray for those whom we have contacted through the Bible Club that the Holy Spirit will bring to mind the things they heard and said or sung and, in due course, have a real desire to follow up Bible Club week by attending Church – not necessarily ours, although, of course, that is what we would like, but any Church where the gospel message is clearly proclaimed… and then see them all again next year!

This month I include another old favourite chorus, based on Isaiah 40:31, which has proved to be true as many Christians have discovered over the years:

Prayer changes things; prayer changes things;

They who pray shall mount up as on eagle’s wings;

Prayer changes things; prayer changes things;

Day by day then let us pray, for prayer changes things.


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