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We thank God for our Mums

By shaunefc, May 12 2012 10:08PM

On Mothering Sunday, sadly often corrupted to Mother's Day, we have the opportunity to thank God for our mothers.

There are few accounts or stories in the Bible about mothers except for those about Mary, the earthly mother of our Lord, some of which continue through His adult life till His death upon the cross!

William Medlen Hutchings (1827-76) who was a member of a Congregational Church and a printer and publisher had the idea that it was mothers who took their young children to see Jesus on one occasion and wrote a hymn about the event which was composed for a Suday School anniversary at St. Paul's Chapel in Wigan. This is what he wrote:

When mothers of Salem their children brought to Jesus, the stern disciples drove them back, and bade them depart: but Jesus saaw them ere they fled, and sweetly smiled, and kindly said,

"Suffer little children to come unto Me."

"For I will receive them, and fold them in My bosom; I'll be a shepherd to those labs, Oh, drive them not away! For if their hearts to Me they give, they shall with Me in glory live:

Suffer little children to come unto Me."

How kind was our Saviour to bid those children welcome! But there are many thousands who have never heard His Name; the Bible they have never read; they know not that the Saviour said, "Suffer little children to come unto Thee."

How good it was that those mothers (if indeed it was mothers) took their children to see Jesus - and how good for those whose mothers took us to church and/or Sunday School in order that we, too, could meet, or see, Jesus" How we need to thak God for Christian mothers (and fathers) who have shown us the way to Christ.

And the portion of Scripture that William Medlen Hutchings based his hymn upon? Mark 10:13-16

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