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Egerton Free Church

Jesus Christ is Lord


Mission Aviation Fellowship: MAF is a dynamic Christian organisation, flying around 130 aircraft across the developing world, bringing physical and spiritual help and transforming lives in remote places.


Gospel Messengers, Uganda:  Based in Kampala, the Gospel Messengers Church has spread the Gospel to several communities previously unreached in Uganda and in neighbouring countries. They also hold a large children's ministry, providing schooling and care to thousands of children. Pastor Ssemanda Moses, leading the ministry, visits our church from time to time!


The Leprosy Mission:  An international development charity that works to transform the lives of people affected by leprosy through healthcare and education.


Good News For Everyone:  The objective of Good News For Everyone (formally Gideons UK) is to share God's message of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ by personal witness and through placing Bibles and New Testaments into places such as schools, hospitals and hotels.


Orphaids:  Orphaids UK is a Christian charity working with AIDS orphans in Ecuador, Colombia and Malawi.

Tools with a Mission: Tools with a Mission collects usable donated tools and sends them to Africa for livelihood creation.


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